Tylo specialises in creating traditional sauna, Infrared and wellness experiences for a modern lifestyle. With 170 years of accumulated knowledge, Tylo continues to create top quality sauna products made to be a vital part of healthy living. The year 2019 marks a milestone for our company when Tylo turned 70. Tylo is a manufacturer of high quality bespoke sauna rooms, sauna accessories, steam rooms and Infrared technology.


Mastering the art of well being

70 years have passed since the Swedish founder of Tylö built his first sauna heater. We are proud of our heritage - solid traditions in craftmanship, profound knowledge and Scandinavian legacy. And passionate about providing high quality sauna experiences, with traditional sauna, steam bath and infrared warmth.

The genuine sense of bliss that characterizes our saunas cannot be found elsewhere. When you are investing in a Tylö product, you are not only investing in a product, you are also investing in your health. Years of development, experience and a relentless strive for perfection has lead us to where we are today. Masters of providing relaxation year after year, for you and your health.


TyloHelo Products


Prefabricated and ready-made saunas from Helo are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly.
Today you can experience all the joys of that tradition with a Helo outdoor sauna tailored to your exact needs.
Helo SUN-range of IR rooms provide a very pleasant sensation with their deeply penetrating sensation of sunshine on your skin.
Many of our clients now come to us with a specific design or technical requirement that is not available off-the-shelf. Our home solutions team is here to help realise your vision.
When you are buying a Helo sauna heater, you are not just buying a function, you are buying years of development, experience and a relentless strive for perfection.
Match your interior with the accessories from Helo. Either if your style is classic or more modern we have the products for your sauna. From buckets & ladles to lighting.
Although unseen the steam generator is the heart of a Turkish Steam Bath so it’s important to use the best. Helo has been producing generators for home and health clubs for more than 20 years.
Now it is easy to enjoy the luxury of a steam shower at home by adding steam to a shower enclosure, creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam shower room.
A steam room at home has to be one of the greatest luxuries. Relax in your own personal home spa, surrounded by the senses of soft heat, relaxing light therapy and the enriching aromas of summer roses
Finetune your life with a relaxing and completely bespoke steam room in your home. We design, plan and build your private sanctuary to your exact specifications.
Browse our steam range including steam rooms, steam generators, control panels and accessories.
Browse our steam spares including controls, pcb boards, pressure valves, generator elements and more.
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