Steam Rooms


The heat, the water, the silence and the solitude, a steam room is the perfect way to relax and let the stressful demands of everyday life fade away. Just step into the soft humidity and focus on total relaxation. Recharge, and shut out the world.


Steam Room

* Images depict units with glass wall sections, standard unit includes glass door and white plastic wall sections

TyloHelo offers a variety of options to suit your steam room needs from our ergonomic and hygienic plastic Elysee models to our ready-to-tile steam rooms which can be finished to suit your taste. Alternatively, opt for a completely bespoke steam room and let our team of design specialists work with you to make your dream a reality. 


Steam Room 2


Elysée is made of high-tech, vacuum-formed, special grade white plastic for a sturdy, steamtight construction. Supplied in ready-to-assemble wall and ceiling sections with integral seating and a recessed downlight above each seat.

The door is made of tinted, tempered safety glass with a sturdy white lacquered frame and aluminium handles.

Transformer for lighting, air outlet vent and all assembly hardware included. Glass wall section and service walls are available in width 398mm, 588mm and 778mm.

Elysée 2D Steam Room

Elysée 2DC Steam Room

Elysée 2DS Steam Room

Elysée 2DM Steam Room

Elysée 3FCR Steam Room

Elysée 3FCL Steam Room

Elysée 4F Steam Room

Elysée 5FCL Steam Room

Elysée 5FCR Steam Room

Elysée 6F Steam Room

Elysée 7E Steam Room

Elysée 8F Steam Room

Elysée can also be reversed. Add a suitable steam generator and control panel. Outer wall covering are not included. The dashed lines show the roof extension. The rooms can be extended further in the direction of the arrow.

*   Exterior height 2170mm. The steam rooms have a one-piece dome.
** Exterior height 2070mm

Ready-to-tile Steam Rooms


Ready-to-tile Steam Room

The construction – MODUL-CAB

Firmly defined room constructions made of hard foam support material, consisting of floor element, walls including door, seat and roof element.

A building kit for cabins (e.g MODUL-CAB-Q 1180) from the MODUL product group is comprised of the following components:

  1. Roof (roof form FLAT)
  2. Wall construction as kit (wall thickness 50 mm, height 2390 mm)
  3. Flat frame (DOOR-TZ F-S)
  4. Glass door (DOOR GT-F-TK)
  5. Door knob (DOOR-TK)
  6. Seat (bench form SOLO)
  7. Floor element with floor drain support frame, factory sealed

Enhancements are possible with optional accessories such as a steam inlet, installation panel or flush-mounting box. Assembly accessories are offered as complete kits for all available sizes. Visit the ready-to-tile steam room page

Bespoke Steam Rooms


All Glass Steam Room
Glass on two sides steam room
Inset glass front steam room
Steam room with bespoke seats
Commercial Steam Room 1
Commercial Steam Room 2
Commercial Steam Room 3
Apartment Steam Room

Finetune your life with a relaxing and completely bespoke sauna or steam room in your home. We design, plan and build your private sanctuary to your exact specifications. Our development process is unencumbered by the restrictions of off the shelf components and materials. Instead we create something that fits your space, taste and budget, leaving you with an environment perfectly tuned for maximum rest and relaxation. Visit the bespoke steam room page

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