Tylo Steam Room Generator


The compact and efficient Tylo steam generator for home use has a number of convenient functions, including a standby mode, an aromatherapy feature and improved protection against interruptions.

Our steam outlet Essential is included when buying a Steam Home generator. Essential allows gentle steam to fill your steam room with a very low noise level.

  • Variable steam production provides continuous humidity with the lowest energy consumption.
  • Automatic flush function to keep tank clean and ensure trouble free operation.
  • Variable kW output so the home generator will always suit your space.


Power (kW) Steam production (kg/h)  Size in mm (LxWxH) Suitable control panel Suitable steam outlet Colour
3  3.5 480x350x159  Elite or Pure  Comfort Flo White
6 8 480x350x159 Elite or Pure Comfort Flo White
9 12 480x350x159 Elite or Pure Comfort Flo White


Power (kW) Light wall made of glass, plastic material Heavy wall made of tiles, concrete, stone etc.
  With ventilation Without ventilation With ventilation Without ventilation
 3 max. 3 max. 2
 6  3—8  4—15  2—5  2.5—8
9 6—16 13—24 4—10 7—16


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