Add steam to a new or existing shower enclosure

Fact - there is nothing particularly unusual about a shower built for steam! After all, steam is simply evaporation from boiled water - it turns back to water quite quickly and drains away. If your shower is waterproof enough to take a hot shower, it is probably OK for steam too.
However, you do have to keep the steam in the shower enclosure, otherwise you will have a steam bathroom rather than a steam shower! So your shower door needs to be reasonably gap-free and you need to enclose the area above the shower.
Is my door OK for the steam shower?
A certain amount of steam will escape from the shower whatever door you have - when you open the door some steam will come out. Don't choose a door that has obvious large gaps, but a few millimetres here and there is fine.
Enclose the area above the shower
You can enclose the area above the shower in three different ways:
  1. Fit a Helo steam dome - this is a clear acrylic dome which sits on brackets above your shower enclosure - Helo have domes to fit most shower sizes - please see steam accessories.
  2. Use Helo waterproof laminated marine ply boards - create a simple studwork structure above the shower and cover this with Helo boards - please see steam accessories.
  3. Finish with tiles - create a simple studwork structure above the shower, cover with tile backer board and tiles.
Now add a steam shower seat
You will need to include somewhere to sit and relax and one of our fold-away seats is perfect - please see steam accessories. If you're building a new shower and have the space, you may want to incorporate a permanent bench. This can be constructed in the same way the walls are made, for example from blocks or stud-work lined with tiles. Alternatively, you can buy a complete ready-to-tile bench from Helo - please see steam accessories.
Steam generator
Finally, you will need a Helo steam generator to produce the steam. Our AW-series steam generator is our best steam generator yet! With features such as soft steam, touch screen controls and clever essential oil reservoir built into the steam outlet, this is the perfect steam generator for your steam shower. The generator is housed ideally within 5m of the shower, in a cupboard, in the eaves, in the loft or garage, where electricity and water are available, and a simple 22mm copper pipe feeds steam to the shower.
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