Enjoy the invigorating feel that a Helo steam bath provides. 100% constant humidity, gentle heat and comfortable interiors. That is our world of steam.

Although unseen the steam generator is the heart of a Turkish Steam Bath so it’s important to use the best. Helo has been producing generators for home and health clubs for more than 20 years.
We stock many steam accessories including fibre optic lightings systems, aroma systems, essences, stereo kits, vents kits, shower seats, steam doors, steam domes, steam proof panel boards...
Hot steam envelopes your body and brings total relaxation, releasing tension and muscle aches while your customized light and sound settings brings tranquility to the mind.
Finetune your life with a relaxing and completely bespoke steam room in your home. We design, plan and build your private sanctuary to your exact specifications.
Browse our steam range including steam rooms, steam generators, control panels and accessories.
Browse our steam spares including controls, pcb boards, pressure valves, generator elements and more.
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