Outdoor Sauna Cabins


Not so long ago, all saunas were enjoyed outdoors - close to the house, and perhaps close to a lake. Today you can experience all the joys of that tradition with a Helo outdoor sauna tailored to your exact needs.

Helo outdoor sauna cabins come in a range of different options, from the popular Barrel sauna, to our simple DIY-install Arca outdoor log cabins, or the ultimate outdoor experience, a tailor made Kelo wood sauna cabin.

Barrel Outdoor Sauna

Helo Barrel outdoor saunas have a real "back to nature” feel about them. Constructed in sturdy 42mm thick selected Spruce boards into the pleasing barrel shape, they bring great character to the garden and offer a snug, cosy interior either as a sauna-only, or with useful extra ante-room.

A warm dry interior is guaranteed by oiled timbers, steel support bands and the felted roof which attractively laps over the top half of the cabin. With our classic electric heater convenience is assured whilst preserving the best traditions of sauna  –  you enjoy your outdoor sauna just as the Finns do in their summer retreats!

All Barrel Outdoor Saunas feature

  • 42mm Spruce board construction, oiled for protection
  • Treated floor supports
  • Felted roof cover to top half of barrel
  • Safety glass door(s)
  • All interior furniture in light Aspen wood
  • Battery LED lantern
  • Traditional Finnish electric heater
  • Sauna accessories
  • Helo installation service available (mainland UK)

Durable and efficient

Helo Barrel outdoor saunas are the most durable and efficient available. Unlike other models on the market, Helo includes a complete felt tiled roof to avoid any tiresome leaking caused by movement in the timber.

The solid pine logs are supplied as standard with preservative oil for further protection.

For more information please call us on 0800-0234590

Details Price
BARREL 1:  2m diameter x 1.6m deep
A compact sauna for 2-3 bathers
£ 6,872
BARREL 2:  2m diameter x 2.3m deep
A generous size for family use
 £ 7,971
BARREL 3:  2m diameter x 3.8m deep
A capacious garden cabin with 2 rooms and dual purpose - use as large sauna with centre door open or separate ante room for relaxing or showering.
 £ 11,630
 Prices include VAT & delivery (mainland UK) 
Helo install service available - call us on 0800-0234590 for a quotation
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Arca Outdoor Sauna

To enjoy sauna in the time-honoured natural way, nothing beats a genuine Finnish log chalet in the garden. Until now the complexity of construction and service requirements has proved daunting for many- ARCA provides the solution!

Easy to assemble

The solid Spruce logs are formed into ready-made modules which are simple to assemble, topped with a two piece felted roof. Perfect on the patio or next to a hot tub these family-sized outdoor sauna cabins create a real spectacle in any garden.

Arca features include

39mm thick Spruce logs make for a truly solid, long lasting structure

  • Quality interior furniture in warm-coloured Alder wood
  • Pitched roof - with felt covering and clear preservative included - with wood trims for the authentic "chalet" appearance
  • Traditional rugged sauna heater with full width rock tray for plenty of relaxing steam
  • All-glass door and windows make the cabin feel roomy inside
  • Substantial 19mm flooring to keep the cabin warm and dry
  • Price includes delivery (mainland UK)


A compact outdoor sauna cabin with impressive 1.8m fascia, the central all glass door flanked by double glazed panels affording a wide view of the surrounding grounds. The shallow depth of just 1.3m makes it easy to stand on the side of a patio or deck alongside garden furniture while the 1.64m wide bench allows for lounging in comfort. And it’s the best of both worlds - built in modules - easy to assemble and maintain - but retaining solid Spruce logs for a genuine Finnish outdoor sauna experience.


An attractive square garden chalet with all glass door to the left of the front face and twinned double glazed windows. Red Alder interior furniture including backrest and bench apron makes the perfect family environment- a full depth lower bench where it’s cooler for children and high bench in the best heat for real outdoor sauna fans!

Dimensions(cm) Price
Arca 3: 173 x 129 x 250 cm (wxdxh) £ 5,751
Arca 4: 162 x 162 x 250 cm (wxdxh) £ 6,501

Prices include VAT & delivery (mainland UK) 
Helo install service available - call us on 0800-0234590 for a quotation

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Timo Outdoor Sauna

In the best traditions of outdoor sauna, TIMO is constructed from 44mm solid Spruce logs with precision tongue and groove joining, ensuringquick-heating and a snug cabin. At just under 2m square inside with L-shaped bench layout, the interior has ample space for family and friends and is fitted with smooth, warm Red Alder furniture. In good Finnish style, theCUP heater has a large rock store so you choose your outdoor sauna experience - hot and dry, or soft and steamy! With the protection of a generous roof overhang, you can relax on a deck after sauna bathing.


  • Solid Spruce log construction: 44mm
  • Pitched timber roof, topped with Helo’s felt kit
  • Red Alder interior furniture
  • Insulated wood door to exterior
  • 6kWsauna heater
  • Full set of outdoor sauna accessories
  • Helo delivery & installation service available (mainland UK)

Measurements (cm - w x d) Price
242 x 290 (inc roof overhang) £ 8,256
Prices include VAT,  for delivery and installation costs, please call Helo Office        Buy Now

Mika Outdoor Sauna

An outdoor sauna suite in the garden! Two spacious rooms - sauna and lounge- let you create your own sauna cottage just like the Finns’ country retreat, with room for a shower, exerciser and loungers. Built to last a lifetime in 60mm Spruce log, the clever design has the entrance in the end wall, allowing the cabin to fit neatly even in more restricted spaces, whilst its cottage-style window and door still presents an attractive and inviting fascia. Helo’s famousSofthot heater is included for sauna with plenty of steam.


  • Solid Spruce log construction: 60mm
  • Pitched timber roof, topped with Helo’s felt kit
  • Red Alder interior furniture
  • Interior glass door and insulated wood door to exterior
  • 8kW Softhot outdoor sauna heater
  • Full set of outdoor sauna accessories
  • Helo delivery & installation service available (mainland UK)
Measurements (cm - w x d) Price
319 x 522 (inc roof overhang) £16,496
Prices include VAT, for delivery & installation costs, please call Helo Office    Buy Now

Kelo  Outdoor Sauna

For those who are looking for something a little more special, there is nothing that rivals the traditional styling of the Kelo outdoorsauna. Constructed using naturally matured, weathered pine to your own specifications and needs, this sauna provides a robust and durable structure, with the unmistakable appearance of a traditional luxury outdoor log sauna cabin. The exceptional qualities of this super-aged timber, with its unique soothing fragrance will make every sauna a special occasion.

Quality time

Imagine having your very own outdoor retreat, where the whole family can take a rejuvenating break together. If you have a pool or hot tub, everyone will enjoy the healthful benefits of deep-body heat followed by a quick, refreshing dip. A genuine Helo outdoor sauna, tailored to your exact specifications, makes family time... quality time.Getting started is as simple as calling us with your idea - we’ll build your dream outdoor sauna according to your specifications

You can choose from a wide variety of layouts,fittings, stylings and sizes - the only limit is your imagination

Enjoy even more of the traditional outdoor sauna feeling with a modern, highly-efficient wood burning stove

Fully insulated, keeping the genuine soft sauna climate in, regardless of what’s happening outside


  • Authentic "dead Pine" logs, available onlyfrom Lapland
  • Choice of interior, traditional Kelo or Aspen
  • Wood burning or electric heater
  • All outdoor sauna cabins made to measure
  • Complete installation service by Helo experts

For more information on bespoke Kelo sauna cabins please call us on 0800-0234590