Sauna and longevity


Not only does regular sauna bathing make you feel relaxed and healthy. According to a recent study, a habit of sauna bathing dramatically reduces the risk of heart attacks with up to 63%, thereby adding several years to the sauna goers lives.

The results were clear in the study led by Dr. Jari Laukannen, heart specialist at the Kuopios University of Finland. He concludes that the correlation between sauna bathing and longevity was very strong and that it was still there even when other variables where taken into consideration. In the study, a group of 2000 men in the ages 42 to 60, where monitored for a period of 20 years. The results caught the attention of whole world, showing that the connection was surprisingly strong : participants who regularly spent time in the sauna would simply live longer. The exact mechanisms behind this correlation are yet to be found and Dr. Jari Laukannen emphasizes that much more research will be needed before we completely understand the connection.

The effect was stronger the more often a person would spend time in the sauna, and the longer time he would spend there, the stronger the effect would be. Those who stayed in the sauna for more than 19 minutes had a 52% lower risk of dying from heart related disease than those who spent less than 11 minutes in the sauna.

The researchers are now hoping that this study will bring about more research into the field of temperature and health. Dr. Rita Redberg, heart specialist at the University of California and editor at the magazine who published the Finnish study, JAMA Internal Medicine, is impressed with the results.

I have always enjoyed spending time in the sauna, but I had no idea the health benefits were this big, she says to Reuters.   

It seems investing in a sauna for your bathroom is not only an investment in quality of life. It is also an investment that might actually make your life longer.

Posted: 27.07.2016
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