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With production of electrical components dating back to 1919, Helo has a long, illustrious history in the sauna field. Now part of the worldwide Tylo-Helo Group and still true to our Finnish roots, we promise a guarantee of the best in home steam room facilities.


Modern manufacturing plants in Finland and the USA, a huge variety of carefully chosen products, full service back up and the comfort of our FIVE YEAR warranty – all good reasons to select Helo for your home steam room project.


Steam at home is truly the ultimate luxury - an oasis of calm as a complete release from stresses of hectic daily life. Whether you choose a quick 10 minutes in advance of the morning shower to set up for the day or a longer period of contemplation in the evening to promote a great night's sleep, your investment in home steam will pay you back many fold - and with Helo's specially selected "extras" you can personalise your home steam room to include specialist lighting, sounds and fragrance to enhance and vary the effect according to your mood.


There are a few simple rules to creating a reliable, trouble free and effective Turkish Bath at home and Helo with long and varied experience is best placed to assist you.



Although unseen the steam generator is the heart of a Turkish Steam Bath so it’s important to use the best. Helo has been producing generators for home and health clubs for more than 20 years.
Now it is easy to enjoy the luxury of a steam shower at home by adding steam to a shower enclosure, creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam shower room.
A steam room at home has to be one of the greatest luxuries. Relax in your own personal home spa, surrounded by the senses of soft heat, relaxing light therapy and the enriching aromas of summer roses
Finetune your life with a relaxing and completely bespoke steam room in your home. We design, plan and build your private sanctuary to your exact specifications.
Browse our steam range including steam rooms, steam generators, control panels and accessories.
Browse our steam spares including controls, pcb boards, pressure valves, generator elements and more.
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