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Innovative sauna technology, smart functionality and beautiful design, the Helo home sauna products elevate the everyday home sauna experience. As a vital everyday part of Finnish wellbeing, sauna bathing brings families and friends together to unwind.

Sauna is the only Finnish word that has been internationally adopted. Helo has brought health and wellbeing to people all over the world for more than 100 years, since the start in 1919.

Löyly, the word for throwing water on the hot stones in a sauna, enhances the sauna bath with enveloping steam. With Helo sauna heaters you are embraced by a soft and gentle touch of steam, possible to intensify with fragrances, salt rocks or fresh birch leaves. Helo sauna heaters are high-quality handicraft, produced in Finland for more than 100 years. True to their Finnish origin they are truly creating opportunity for everyone to have their own home sauna.


Prefabricated and ready-made saunas from Helo are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly.
Today you can experience all the joys of that tradition with a Helo outdoor sauna tailored to your exact needs.
Helo SUN-range of IR rooms provide a very pleasant sensation with their deeply penetrating sensation of sunshine on your skin.
Many of our clients now come to us with a specific design or technical requirement that is not available off-the-shelf. Our home solutions team is here to help realise your vision.
When you are buying a Helo sauna heater, you are not just buying a function, you are buying years of development, experience and a relentless strive for perfection.
Match your interior with the accessories from Helo. Either if your style is classic or more modern we have the products for your sauna. From buckets & ladles to lighting.
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