Helo Commercial Sauna

The team at Helo Commercial Solutions has been put together to help you create the most rewarding sauna experience for your clients and customers. Nothing we do comes out of a box. Instead, we use our vast experience and our passion for sauna, combined with the spear-heading technology of Helo engineering, to make your offering stand out.
Enhancing your offering
Our experience in creating the most enticing sauna environments enables us to truly fine-tune the customer experience. By adding different layers to the sauna milieu, we help you create an escape from the world outside, a restful home away from home and a serene experience to remember.
The Helo Difference
We always work from a birds-eye perspective. We don't just sell sauna heaters and sauna rooms. To us the perfect sauna experience starts by analyzing our client's target market in order to create the ideal solution. In order to do that, we also need to consider factors such as available space, budget and other issues that may be constraining. When we have done our research and have a common goal with our client, we can use all the creative and engineering power at hand to fabricate truly unique solutions and experiences.
Who Are Our Clients?
Our client base is usually concentrated to hotels, spas and gyms, who are depending heavily on a happy, healthy and motivated demographic. In addition to this, we work closely with property developers, real estate owners, architects and interior designers.
Our Creative Process
Our work is very much based on consults. We work closely with our customers in order to plan and execute optimal solutions. This entails a lot more than just making things pretty. Other important factors to consider are logistics, energy consumption and materials. What works for your circumstances may be completely wrong for your neighbor down the street. The advantage of using Helo Expert Solutions lies in getting it right immediately. Almost right means excessive wear, unwarranted energy consumption, extra maintenance and poor return on investment. We make sauna experiences that will last a very long time. And deliver on top every single day.
Why Are We So Successful?
Our commitment lies in extending our clients' brand and improve their business model. Our success is a testament to the fact that our philosophy as sauna and wellness consultants works. The beauty and functionality of our installs are merely a by-product.