Electric heating toggle


Electric heating toggle applies to homes with an electric heating system.

Sauna heater has connections (marked N-55) for controlling the electric heating toggle. Connectors N-55 and the heating elements are simultaneously live (230V). The sauna heater thermostat also controls the heating toggle. In other words, home heating turns on once the sauna thermostat cuts power off the sauna heater.


Location for the connection box

A = Specified minimum safety clearance

  1. Recommended location for the connection box
  2. Silumin box recommended in this area.
  3. This area should be avoided. Always use a silumin box.

In other areas, use a heat-resisting box (T 125 °C) and heat-resisting cables (T 170 °C). The connection box must be clear of obstacles. When installing the connection box to zones 2 or 3, refer to the instructions and regulations of the local energy supplier.