Plumbing Instructions for Steam Generator AT/3T


Do not connect the overpressure device output into the steam line.
Do not connect the drain valve into the steam line.
Do not put a shut off valve in the steam line. Avoid traps and valleys where water could collect and cause a steam blockage. The hot steam line must be insulated against user contact.
Centering the steam pipe is critical in rooms made of plastic, acrylic, resin, fiberglass or similar materials. Allowing the steam pipes to touch materials not rated for 100°C or higher will result in damage to these materials.
Do not install the steam head near bench(es) or where steam may spray or where condensation will drip on the user as this will present a scald hazard.
The steam pipe entry and any other entry into the steam room
must be caulked to avoid damage caused by steam leakage into the wall.
The pressure relief valve must be installed in such a fashion that the risk of scalding is reduced to a minimum. Draining the pressure relief valve into the steam room may present a scald hazard.
Boiling water may be discharged from the drain. Proper precautions should be taken too insure safety.
Draining the tank into the steam room may present a scald hazard and/or damage materials used to construct the steam room.

All plumbing shall be installed by a licensed plumber and conform with local and national codes.

Materials (locally available):

  • 3/8" O.D. copper tube for the water supply to the generator.
  • 3/8" water supply shut-off valve.
  • 3/8" supply valve housing and fi lter (optional depending on local water conditions).
  • 3/8" O.D. compression to 3/8" male NPT adapter.
  • 1/2" copper unions. (2)
  • 1/2" copper pipe for the tank drain.
  • 1/2" copper pipe and 1/2" female NPT sweat adapter for the steam line between the generator and the steam room.
  • 3/4" copper pipe, fi ttings, and a sweat union for the Pressure Relief Valve drain.
  • Tube 100% silicone caulk.
  • Rectorseal No. 5 pipe compound or equivalent.

IMPORTANT: Maximum recommended input water pressure not to exceed 80 psi.
IMPORTANT: If the generator is mounted in a place diffi cult for the home owner to access, the water supply shut- off valve should be located where it can be quickly
accessed in an emergency.
IMPORTANT: Do not use a saddle valve or saddle fi tting for the water shut-off valve. Flush water supply line before fi nal hookup.

1. Install Water Line

Run 3/8" copper tube between the nearest cold water line and the WATER INLET fitting on the generator. Locate a shut-off valve near the generator. Connect this line to the generator with a 3/8" compression adapter. When tightening this fitting always use two wrenches so there will be no strain on the water inlet valve.

2. Install Steam Line
Note: 12 KW and 14 KW Generators use 2 steam heads. See special instructions in Section 9 for these models before continuing.

A. At the generator: Install a 1/2" male NPT sweat adapter directly into the tank. Install a 1/2" union in the steam line.

B. Run the 1/2" copper steam line from the generator to the steamroom. Refer to SECTION 2: SELECT MOUNTING LOCATION. For 12 and 14kW models, also refer to Section  9.

C. The steam line should enter the steam room 380 to 460 mm above the nearest surface and as far from bathers as possible. See diagram 3.

IMPORTANT: If the steam line is in an area where the temperature will be below 4°C or, if the line is more than 6 m long, best results can be obtained by insulating the steam pipe.

D. At the steam room: Drill/prepare a 35 mm hole for the each steam line entry. Center the 1/2" copper steam pipe in the 35 mm hole. See diagram 6.
- Terminate the steam line with a 1/2" NPT male adapter. Stub the line out into the room 9,5 mm from the fi nished surface.
- Secure the steam line to a structural member.

3. Install Steam Head Insulator(s):
Fill in gaps (using 100% Silicone caulk between steam pipe and fi nished wall surface at point of entry (see diagram 6).Apply silicone caulk to the fi nished wall side of the steam head insulator and screw on hand tight until flush with the wall with the opening pointing down. If a hand tight fit does not align with the opening pointing down, use tefl on tape on the steam line threads to adjust the fi t. (Note: 12 KW and 14 KW Generators use 2 steam heads - see Section 9)

IMPORTANT: Check all of the standard fi xtures in the steam room. All fi xture penetrations and steam head insulators must be sealed with 100% silicone caulk to avoid moisture damage within walls.

4. Install Steam Head:
Slide the steam head on until it rests fi rmly against the fi nished wall. Tighten the hex head screw underneath the steam head to secure it in place with the Allen wrench provided. The steam head should be level with its fragrance reservoir at the top. See diagram 6.

5. Install Pressure Relief Valve
Install the pressure relief valve into its port on the generator. The pressure relief valve outlet must drain in accordance with local and national codes.

6. Install Drain Valve
Install a 76 mm long 1/2" pipe nipple (provided) directly into the tank as shown in diagram 7. Install the drain valve (Refer to Amerec's ADT Installation Instructions, document 4211-113, for more detailed instructions). Install a 1/2" union on the outlet side of the drain valve. Run a 1/2" copper drain line to a gravity flow drain. Do not run the drain uphill. The drain must be connected in accordance with local and national codes.