Steam Room / Shower Generator AT and 3T

AT and 3T Steambath Generator Wireframe Drawing

AT and 3T STEAMBATH GENERATORS For Models 4kW thru 14kW, 230-400V~ With T100 Control

Please save these instructions. Read all instructions carefully before installation. Post "WARNING" label outside steambath for safety warnings. Posting is required on door of steam room or adjacent to door for all commercial installations.

  • Electrical grounding is required on all Steambath Generators.
  • All electrical supplies should be disconnected when servicing generator.
  • All wiring must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor in accordance with local and national codes.
  • All plumbing must be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with all applicable local and national codes.
  • Generators are for indoor use only.
  • Generators are not for space heating purposes.
  • Be certain that steambath enclosures are properly sealed to avoid water damage from escaping steam. It is recommended that 100% silicone caulk be used to seal all pipes and fittings. Steam must be prevented from escaping into the wall cavity.
  • Never shut off the water to a steam generator while it is in use.
  • Electric Shock Hazard - High voltage exists within this equipment. There are no user serviceable parts in this equipment.

  Download the full PDF manual here.

General Information

An exhaust fan installed outside the steam room is strongly recommended to remove excess steam from the bathroom or shower area.

The steam generators come CE marked, assembled and ready for installation. Check that the size and rating of the generator is suitable for your application; refer to Steam Room Construction and Generator Sizing Guide (document 4211-38).

Table of Contents

  1. Important Safety Instructions
  2. Mounting Location
  3. Mounting the Generator
  4. Plumbing Instructions
  5. Water Quality Requirements
  6. Wiring Instructions
  7. Electrical Information Chart
  8. Operational Test
  9. Service
  10. Special Instructions
  11. Exploded Parts Diagram
  12. Wiring Diagrams