Water Supply


A mains cold water supply with stop valve is required at between .5 and 3 bar to receive the flexible feed hose provided by Tylohelo (this is like to a washing machine or dishwater supply). A pressure lower than .5 bar would cause intermittent operation. Should the mains pressure be higher than 3 bar the installer should fit a pressure reducing valve in the water line to avoid obtrusive operational noise.

If the generator is fitted in the loft, where there is a water tank, ensure that the water connection is from the incoming mains supply and not from the tank.

In most home installations the regular mains water will be fine. If the generator will be operated for long periods or the water is from an unusual source e.g. bore hole and has high chalk/silica content a salt fed water softener will be required. Please note than in line type water conditioners are not effective for steam generators