The basics


Filling an area with steam raises humidity and temperature, creating a pleasant environment within which to relax and detoxify.

The most popular space to use for steam is a new or existing shower – there are three reasons for this:

1 No extra space is needed
2 A well-built, insulated shower enclosure is fine for steam
3 You can steam bathe and shower in the same space

A compact steam generator is installed within 7.5 metres of the steam room. You need a dry space with access for maintenance, an electric point, water supply and drainage (see later “Where to put the steam generator” for detail)

The size of steam room will dictate the power of generator required. Our brochure shows maximum sizes and we are happy to advise for your specific project.

In order to retain the steam you must enclose the top of the shower either with our steam dome or by boxing in and choose a shower door with a snug fit to the frame. You do not need a sealed door and a well placed extractor will remove any steam escaping

To relax in steam, you want somewhere comfortable to sit! This can be achieved by creating a structural bench in the shower, or using our foldaway shower seat.