How do you control the steam temperature


Catering for all requirements, TyloHelo has developed two new control options blending the most advanced technology with state-of-the-art design features:

Elite Control

Elite is a versatile control panel using the latest touch screen technology and smart phone functionality for the ultimate steam experience:

-          Sleek touch screen delivers real-time status on every aspect of your steam bath.

-          Elite displays the temperature and running time and can be programmed to start up to 24 hours in advance.

-          Set your own personal programme to suit your schedule.

-          Regulate all steam room features – lighting, temperature settings, essence injection and more.

-          Supplied as standard for recessed mounting with black trim.

-          Plated trims are optionally available for surface mounting.

-          The TyloHelo Control App allows you to link to your smart phone, computer or tablet.

            Have total control over your steam room from the palm of your hand! Compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

-          Connection to home system by WiFi only.


Pure Control

For those who prefer simplicity with the minimum of setting required, the Pure control is ideal. With touch buttons for power and light, setting the temperature and runtime or delayed start are all achieved on logical one to ten scales. With the new addition of a bright red LED temperature read out you can monitor your bathing environment more closely.