How do I make the ceiling for my steam shower?


To keep the steam in a shower enclosure, you need to either box-in above the shower, or you can use one of Helo’s acrylic steam domes. If you decide to box in, simply infill above the shower door and finish to match the rest of the bathroom.

You can then form a false ceiling in the shower area, perhaps with a low voltage, IP65-rated light. The ceiling should be made from a material that is water resistant, for example Helo steam panels or tiles.

If possible you should incorporate a slight fall (approx. 1 in 40), so that any condensation will run away. If you opt for the steam dome solution, just choose a dome size/shape that matches the shower enclosure. If you can’t see one the right size, call Helo and there is a good chance we will be able to have one made to suit. The dome comes with simple fixing clips, which allow it to be removed later for cleaning.