Electrical Supply


The steam generator needs a suitable power supply - please see the table below.

Power 1 Phase 3 Phase
4.5kW  19amps  11amps
7.5kW 31amps 18amps
11kW 46amps 26amps
14 kW 21 & 38amps 34amps

The supplies shown above are for single generators. For larger power requirements, multiple generators can be linked together to achieve up to 36kW.

Helo generators need to be wired to a dedicated supply. Therefore, a qualified electrician will be required to carry out this work. The time required to install the supply and connect a steam generator depends on the particular complications of the house / location, however typically this work should take approx half a day to complete.

Generally, the generator should not be housed in the bathroom itself. This is because it is a high voltage piece of equipment, and electrical regulations state that such items should not be fitted in a wet area. If you have to house the generator in the bathroom, access must only be provided from outside the room. For example, if the generator is located under the steam shower bench, the bench must be 100% permanently sealed, and ventilation and access should be given only from the room behind the shower (assuming this is a dry area). A qualified electrician will have to certify the installation, so the main factor is whether he is happy with the location.