Electrical Supply


The steam generator needs a suitable power supply - please see the table below.

Power 1 Phase 3 Phase
4.5kW  19amps  7 amps per phase
7.5kW 31amps 11 amps per phase
11kW 46amps 17 amps per phase
14 kW   22 amps per phase

These are supplies for single generators. For large steam rooms, generators can be “ganged” together up to 36kW.

Helo generators need a dedicated supply from the main fuse board. A qualified electrician will be required to carry out the installation and provide certification.

Since the generator is high voltage and has no IP rating, it must be installed in a dry area remote from the steam room. To meet regulations should the generator need to be fitted in the bathroom area it would need to be in a locked enclosure or cupboard with no general access. It is not appropriate to fit under steam bench as there would be insufficient access for service or repair.