Usage Instructions


Control panel Midi 2

Control panel Midi 2

The steam generator is started by pressing the On/Off button in the control centre. After that, the temperature display starts to flash. The temperature may be set with the + and – buttons in one decree steps between 30 °C – 50 °C.

When the temperature figure on the display is correct, use the OK button to move to the time display or wait for three seconds after which the time display starts to flash. Time can be modified in one minute steps during the flashing using the + or - button up to 60 minutes after which the display will show hours up to 23. When there is 90 minutes left, the display changes to minute display. Before that, only full hours remaining are shown. When there is five minutes left, the time display starts to flash to indicate that bathing time is nearly over. You can use the On / Off button to restart the steam generator if necessary. The latest time and temperature settings are saved in the memory.

Lighting controls

Lights can also be controlled with the control panel light button, which lights the LED indicator lights by the push button. The steam generator connectors LC1 and LC2 on the circuit board are for lighting control. Connect the light adapter connectors LC1 and LC2 to the corresponding connectors on th esteam generator circuit board. See for more detailed instructions on the manual enclosed with the light adapter. (Accessory: Light adapter 0043214)

Error messages

E1 The steam generator surface sensor does not sense any water (filling time two minutes) or the water tap is turned off when the stem generator is already running or something else is preventing the water from running into the steam generator. Ensure that the steam generator gets water. If the problem is located in the steam generator, it may require maintenance or repair.

E2 Error message appears when serial communication between the control centre and the circuit board is not working.

Troubleshooting requires service. The steamer stop after the error message. Fix the cause of the malfunction or call service. Malfunction can be confirmed with the ON – OFF button. The circuit board has an output for alarm 24 V DC max 50 mA. The output is activated when E1 or E2 error message appears on the display or when the led on the push button flashes rapidly.