Installing the control panel


The control panel is filled with sealing material making it moisture resistant. The control panel may be installed directly on a wall. The pipe hole in the steam room must be sealed to prevent moisture from travelling through the pipe into the structures. The cable is left behind the control panel. The cable can also come out of the bottom of the control panel, from a pre-marked hole.

Control panel frame is pressed directly on it. Detaching is done with tool that comes with the unit. The frame has small holes on the edges. (4 holes) Push the locking pin lightly with the tool through the hole, one at the time and pull the frame outwards at the same time.

The sensor is installed at a height of 170 cm from the floor preferably on the wall opposite the door. A retaining nut can be used with an acrylic wall. A hole can be made onto a thicker wall and seal it with an appropriate sealant to prevent moisture from getting into the structures. Insert the sensor in the case and tighten the cable using a clamping screw.