Maintenance Procedures


Soft Steam Function

Control of steam generator heat element has two grades. Example: The set temperature is +43 °C. When the temperatu re reaches +43 °C, two elements are switched off with the help of a contactor and one element retains the temperature with the help of another contactor. If the temperature rises +1°C from the temperature set, al l elements are switched off. When the temperature drops below - 1 °C, all elements are switched back on. This ensu res stabile steam production for the entire duration of the operation.

Steam generator maintenance procedures

When the auto drain or manual stop vale are included (water supply with high chalk content) it is also possible to descale the tank as described below.

Steam generator descaling (if required)

  • Start the steam generator and let it run until the water in the tank boils.
  • Stop the steam generator.
  • Unscrew the hexagonal nut on top of the generator Caution! This may be very hot.
  • Introduce to the tank only Citric acid powder via the pipe using a funnel.
  • Attach the nut back on to the top of the generator and let the agent work. The steam generator flushes and rinses the tank automatically after about 15 minutes and you can use the
    steam generator again.

Citric acid descaling agent is odourless and harmless and it does not harm the steam generator's components.

The steam generator is ready to be used right after the descaling treatment. If there is a lemon scent in the steam room after the treatment, rinse the steam generator again. Use of citric acid is not hazardous to health.

Safety valve installation

The safety valve is installed on the steam pipe with using the provided ½” T connector. A separate downpipe directly to a drain or to the floor is installed on the safety valve. NOTE: Safety valve's downpipe must not be connected to the steam generator's draining pipe or the steam pipe.. Use the provided sealing tape or similar sealing on the threads.

Cleaning the steam room

Rinse the seats and the floor with warm water after every use (do not use a pressure washer). Clean the seats regularly with mild detergent. Never use abrasives, strongly alkaline detergents or solvents to clean the steam room seats and walls. Contact the manufacturer if necessary. It is important to clean the floor carefully all the way to the corners. Use hot water, a brush and floor detergent that removes dirt and grease.

The product’s warranty will be void if the steam generator has been incorrectly installed or it has been used in a manner other than described in the user manual. The warranty also expressly excludes operational faults if they are caused by hard water i.e. water with high levels of chalk, or otherwise impure water. The steam generator must be maintained as described in the user manual.