Select Mounting Location


Steam Generator Mounting LocationDiagram 1

The Amerec Steam Generator can be hung on a wall or set on it’s base. The best mounting location will satisfy all or most of the following conditions:

  1. The steam line should slope to allow condensation to drain into the steam room.
  2. The steam line should be less than 20 ft long. Ten feet is preferred. Steam lines over 20 ft long should be insulated.
  3. The mounting location should minimize the number of bends and elbows in the steam line.
  4. The steam line should enter the room 18” above the fl oor or at least 12” above a tub rim or ledge.
  5. No steam head shall be more than thirty (30) inches above the fl oor.
  6. The steam outlet should be located to avoid potential user contact.
  7. The generators should be installed in a dry, well ventilated area.
    • The space provided should be at least: 7 cu ft for one generator
    • 17 cu ft for two generators
    • 27 cu ft for three generators
    • Suggested locations are under a vanity, in a closet, attic, crawl space or basement. Preferably in the same room.
    • Note: The generator must be in an area protected from freezing.
  8. The slave generators should be installed within a 25 foot cable length of the master generator and the master generator should be within a 25 foot cable length of the T100 control installation. See diagram.
    • Note: Longer control and slave cables are available. Contact Technical Support at 1-800-363-0251 or for assistance.
  9. The installation should provide clearance for service and element removal. See diagram 3.
  10. The mounting location should allow for a drain hookup. There should be no more than three 90° bends and 10 ft of pipe between any generator’s drain outlet and its drain valve inlet. See diagram 15.