Operational Test


After connecting the control, temperature sensor and slave generator(s) to the master generator:

  1. Assure power and water are on.
  2. Press the control’s ON/OFF switch. A light vibration should be felt in the control and the control’s display should light-up.
    (see control instructions included with control kit)
  3. Allow 10 minutes for the steam to start. The time to see steam start will vary depending on each generator’s power rating.
  4. Once the steam starts, press the ON/OFF switch. The steam should stop; there shouldn’t be any water fl ow.
  5. Press the ON/OFF switch.
  6. Within one minute the units should again produce steam. The generators should call for water once every two minutes or more depending on their power rating. It’s normal for the fl ow of steam out the steam head to slow for up to 10 seconds each time a unit calls for water.
  7. The units will shut down automatically in 60 minutes. When the time runs out the steam will stop and there should not be any water fl ow.
  8. If the units do not operate as described above, refer to SECTION 8: TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE.