Mounting the Steam Generator


IMPORTANT: The generator must be level side to side and end to end after installation.

Wall Mounting:

Note the location of the mounting holes on the back of the steam generator. The screws must set directly into studs or equivalent supports, Drill pilot holes on 12” centers and on level (see diag. 2 at right) then install the two #10 1-1/2” screws provided.

Carefully hang the generator on the two screws. Tighten the screws. Replace the front cover. Secure the front cover with its four sheet metal screws.

Floor Mounting: 

In general, the width of the generator allows it to sit on a shelf, across ceiling joists or on a fl oor. The generator must be on a fl at surface and restrained from moving. Normally, the piping will provide adequate support but if not, additional support must be provided.

All fl oor mounted generators must have provision for routine draining of the steam tank.