Sauna heater stone


Quality stones meet the following requirements:

  • Sauna stones should withstand heat and heat variation caused by vaporisation of the water thrown on the stones.
  • Stones should be rinsed before use in order to avoid odour and dust.
  • Sauna stones should have an uneven surface to supply a larger surface for the water to evaporate from.
  • Sauna stones should be large enough, measuring about 50–80 mm to allow good ventilation between the stones. This extends the useful life of the heating elements.
  • Sauna stones should be piled sparsely in order to enhance ventilation between the stones. Do not bend the heating elements together or against the frame.
  • Rearrange the stones regularly (at least once a year) and replace small and broken stones with new, larger stones.
  • Stones are piled so that they cover the heating elements. Do not, however, pile a large heap of stones on the heating elements. Any small stones in the package of stones mustn't be piled on the sauna heater.
  • The warranty does not cover defects resulting from poor ventilation caused by small and tightly packed stones.
  • Structural clay tiles are not