Sauna heater controls



The sauna heater is controlled by operating a 12-hour timer with three operating zones. The timer is set by twisting the knob clockwise until the desired operating zone is reached. When operating, the timer gradually travels counter-clockwise towards the zero position.

  1. 0 position. The sauna heater is not on.
  2. Operating zone 1–3 hours. Set on this zone, the sauna heater heats up at full power while the sauna thermostat controls the temperature.
  3. Preset zone 1–9 hours. Set on this zone, the sauna heater can be preset to turn on after a certain period of time. The heating elements will not heat up when the timer is within this zone.

Before turning the sauna heater on, make sure the sauna room is suitable for taking a sauna bath.

The timer operates better if it is first turned further than the desired time and then turned back to the desired time. If the switch has not travelled back to 0 position after finishing bathing, turn it to 0 manually.


The thermostat knob is next to the timer knob. The further right (clockwise) the timer is switched, the higher the temperature will rise in the sauna room. The best way to find the ideal temperature is to first turn the thermostat fully on the right and let the temperature rise to the desired temperature. Subsequently, turn the thermostat knob slowly counter-clockwise until you hear a gentle clicking sound. If you want to readjust the temperature, turn the thermostat gradually until the temperature is ideal.

The thermostat will not operate correctly if the stones are piled too densely or they are too small. Please refer to section ”Sauna heater stones” on page 5.

The thermostat has an integrated temperature limiter with a reset switch next to the thermostat knob.