Preparing for sauna heater installation


Check the following before installing the sauna heater:

  1. The ratio of the heater's input (kW) and the sauna room's volume (m3). Volume/input recommendations are presented in Table 1 on page 8. The minimum and maximum volumes must not be exceeded.
  2. The sauna room ceiling must be min 1900 mm high.
  3. Uninsulated and masonry stone walls extend the preheating time. Each square metre of plastered ceiling or wall surface adds 1.2 m3 to the sauna room's volume.
  4. Check connecting to mains for a suitable fuse size (A) and the correct diameter of the power supply cable (mm²) for the sauna heater in question.
  5. Conform to the specified safety clearance around the sauna heater. There should be enough room around the sauna heater for maintenance purposes, a doorway etc.