If the sauna heater will not heat up


Electric heating toggle applies to homes with an electric heating system.

The sauna heater thermostat also controls the heating toggle. In other words, home heating turns on once the sauna thermostat cuts power off the sauna heater.

If the sauna heater will not heat up

If the sauna heater will not heat up, please check that:

  1. The power is on; And the heater main switch is in position I (close to the thermostat dial)
  2. The timer is on the heating zone (operating zone);
  3. The thermostat is switched to a temperature that is higher than the current temperature of the sauna room;
  4. The front fuses of the sauna heater are intact;
  5. The timer is not stuck. Make sure the knob doesn't chafe against the base; there should be min 1mm gap between the knob and the base.

If the sauna heater has been exposed to freezing conditions, the temperature limiter may have gone off. The limiter is reset by pressing the reset switch. Note that the limiter does not work until the temperature has risen to approx. -5°C. If the sauna heater still fails to work, please contact an authorised service for repair.