Cup SKSM STJ Sauna Heater Manual


Check before taking a sauna bath

  1. The sauna room is suitable for taking a sauna bath.
  2. The door and the window are closed.
  3. The sauna heater is topped with stones that comply with the manufacturer's recommendations, the heating
    elements are covered with stones, and the stones are piled sparsely.

NOTE: Structural clay tiles are not allowed.

Operation of the sauna heater controls

  • Put the main switch in position I (close to the thermostat dial)
  • Set the heater's thermostat to the desired temperature. You can find the ideal temperature for taking a sauna bath by first turning the thermostat to the maximum. Once the sauna room is warm enough, simply turn the thermostat control backwards, i.e. counter-clockwise, until the heating elements turn off (you can hear a clicking sound). You can fine-tune the temperature by slightly turning the thermostat knob in either direction.
  • The sauna heater operates with a 12-hour timer.
  • The timer is operated by turning the timer knob clockwise from the 0 position.
  • In the 0 position, the power is off and the sauna heater is not on.
  • In the 0–3 hours zone, heating elements will turn on and the sauna heater is warm for the selected period of time.
  • In the 1–9 hours zone, you can preset the time after which the sauna heater will turn on. For example, by turning the knob at 6, the sauna heater will turn on after six hours and stay warm for Three hours unless the timer is turned to 0 position earlier.
  • Pleasant, smooth sauna bath temperature is about 70 °C.
  • Rearrange the sauna stones at least once a year and replace any weathered stones. This enhances air circulation between the stones, which extends the useful life of the thermal resistors.
  • If you encounter any problems, please contact the manufacturer's warranty service shop. A list of warranty service shops is included in the delivery.

Information for users

Persons with reduced physical and mental capacity, sensory handicap, or little experience and knowledge about how the device is operated (e.g. children), should only operate the device while supervised or according to instructions given by the persons in charge of their safety.

Make sure that children aren't playing with the sauna heater.