AW Generator - Water Quality


The nature of a steam bath generator requires testing of the feedwater to avoid potential high concentrations of impurities which can cause a deposit or scale to form on the internal surfaces. This deposit or scale can interfere with the equipment's proper operation and even cause premature generator failure. Concentration of impurities is generally controlled by treating the feedwater and or "blowing down" the generator or boiler when it is not heating. The "blow down" process involves removing a portion of the tank water with high solid concentration and replacing it with makeup water.

This is particularly important in areas with high calcium levels and other water quality problems. Calcium build-up can cause poor steamer performance and damage the heating elements!

Be especially careful to prevent foaming in the generator’s water! Foaming water will affect the water level measuring systems in generators, causing operation problems and possibly leading to early element failures!

To ensure proper operation, the water supply should be tested prior to operating the equipment. There are several treatment processes which can be used if you have a problem with hard water. A local reliable water treatment company can recommend the appropriate treatment if required. The recommended feedwater quality is listed on the next page.

Hardness 10 – 30 ppm - (0.5 - 1.75 gpg)
T-Alkalinity 150 – 700 ppm - (8.75 - 40.8 gpg)
Silica Range  15 – 25 ppm - (1.28 - 1.45 gpg)
PH (strength of alkalinity)  10.5 -- 11.5