AW Generator - Mounting


The Helo steam generator can be hung on a wall or sit on its base. The best mounting location will satisfy all or most of the following:

WARNING: The generator will not operate properly, unless it is mounted level with the arrows pointed up

  1. The generator should be installed in a dry, well ventilated area. Suggested locations are under a vanity, in a closet, attic, crawl space or basement. Do not mount outdoors.
  2. If the generator will be in an area difficult to access, the water supply should be equipped with easily access water shut-off valve in case of emergency.
  3. If the steam line is in an area where the temperature will be below 4°C best results can be obtained by insulating the steam pipe. Do Not mount the generator in an area subject to freezing.
  4. The generator must be mounted in a minimum 0,2 cubic metre space.
  5. The location must allow access for service! Provide clearance for plumbing and electrical service and for element removal. See Diagram 1.
  6. The steam line should slope to allow condensation to drain. The mounting location should minimize the number of bends and elbows in the steam line
  7. The mounting location should allow for a drain hook up.
  8. The steam line should be less than 6m long; 1m is preferred. Steam lines over 6m long should be insulated.


  • There must be no dips or valleys in the steam line.
  • Install the steam head so as to avoid potential user direct contact with the steam or where condensation may drip on the user as this may present a scald hazard.
  • Do Not install any valves or other shut-off devices in the steam line!
  • Do Not interconnect steam lines! A separate steam line is required for each generator!
  • Do Not connect the drain line to the steam line or allow the drain empty into the steam room!
  • Do Not connect the pressure relief valve into the steam line or vent it where someone nearby could be scalded!
  • Do Not allow the relief valve to vent into the steam room!


Remove the side cover. Note the location of the mounting holes on the back of the generator. The screws must set directly into studs or equivalent supports. Drill pilot holes on 368 mm centers and install the two #10 1½" screws, provided. See above.

  1. Carefully hang the generator on the two screws. Tighten the screws.
  2. The generator may be further secured with two screws mounted on the same 368 mm centers as shown.
  3. Replace the front cover with its four screws.


  1. In general, the width of the unit allows it to sit on a shelf, across the ceiling joists or on a floor. The generator must be restrained from moving. Normally, the piping will provide adequate support. If not, additional support must be provided.
  2. All floor installed generators must provide for routine draining of the tank and for draining the safety valve’s outlet.