Kelo Outdoor Sauna


For those who are looking for something a little more special, there is nothing that rivals the traditional styling of the Kelo outdoorsauna. Constructed using naturally matured, weathered pine to your own specifications and needs, this sauna provides a robust and durable structure, with the unmistakable appearance of a traditional luxury outdoor log sauna cabin. The exceptional qualities of this super-aged timber, with its unique soothing fragrance will make every sauna a special occasion.



Quality time


Imagine having your very own outdoor retreat, where the whole family can take a rejuvenating break together. If you have a pool or hot tub, everyone will enjoy the healthful benefits of deep-body heat followed by a quick, refreshing dip. A genuine Helo outdoor sauna, tailored to your exact specifications, makes family time... quality time.Getting started is as simple as calling us with your idea - we’ll build your dream outdoor sauna according to your specifications




You can choose from a wide variety of layouts,fittings, stylings and sizes - the only limit is your imagination. Enjoy even more of the traditional outdoor sauna feeling with a modern, highly-efficient wood burning stove. Fully insulated, keeping the genuine soft sauna climate in, regardless of what’s happening outside