Steam Generator Details



The AW Series model is the culmination of years of experience offering simply the best home steam generator you can buy.


The phased steam output in the AW Series generators means just two models – 4.5kW and 7.5kW -will cover most domestic requirements with two more powerful versions – 11kW and 14kW - for larger rooms. The Soft Steam function ensures continuous humidity and Intelligent Start keeps the generator primed ready for use.


With all these extra features you can be confident when choosing the AW Series Steam Generator:

Technical Information
Model Power Size (WxDxH) With Pure Control With Elite Control Room Size*
AW4 4.5 kW 419 x 159 x 380mm £3,539 £4,608 Up to 5m3
AW7 7.5 kW 419 x 159 x 380mm £3,635 £4,705 Up to 9m3
AW11 11 kW 419 x 159 x 380mm £3,928 £4,997 Up to 14m3
AW14 14 kW 419 x 159 x 380mm £4,484 £5,553 Up to 20m3
AW18 18 kW 838 x 318 x 760mm N/A £8,138 Up to 26m3
AW22 22 kW 838 x 318 x 760mm N/A £8,613 Up to 32m3
AW28 28 kW 838 x 318 x 760mm N/A £8,855 Up to 38m3
AW36 36 kW 1257 x 477 x 1140mm N/A £11,700 Up to 45m3
*The sizes given are for general advice as maximum. The generator power required may vary considerably subject to wall build up/ finish, height of room, glazing etc; for advice on your specific design, please call our sales team. Standard finish for outlet and control bezel - Chrome


Wall Mounting


The Pure and Elite Controls come as standard with recessed wall mounting cradle and plain black trim.


Alternatively, these controls can be surface mounted. When fitting in this way, kits with back trim and steam outlet in special finishes are available in chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed bronze or matte black.


Surface Mounting Kit
Stock Code Finish Price
AW PE CH TRIM Chrome £49
AW PE PN TRIM Polished Nickel £49
AW PE BN TRIM Brushed Nickel £49
AW PE ORB TRIM Oil Rubbed Bronze £113
AW PE BB TRIM Brushed Bronze £245
AW PE MB TRIM Mat Black £201


Comfort Flo Steam Outlet


This steam outlet – sited at low level in the steam room – is designed to provide an even spread of steam throughout the room. Offered in four different plated finishes to suit surrounding décor, a recess on top takes oils for aromatherapy.