Rock Sauna - DIY Sauna Cabins

For those seeking the ultimate relaxation of Finnish sauna or the social pleasure of sauna bathing, these diy sauna cabins offer high specification with plug-in convenience, a quality Rock heater and superb insulation for great heat retention. With compact dimensions and clip-together assembly the genuine sauna experience is easy to achieve.
Helo sauna heater with
generous rock store
Glazed door and
front panels
A full five year
informed advice
Tried and tested in many thousands of saunas across the world
Glazed door and front panels with soft LED lighting for a calm & relaxed interior
Five year warranty from a long standing company that has stood the test of time
on the right model for you from Helo Sales Team - by phone, email or chat on line

Rock 2 DIY Sauna
Rock 2 represents a first for sauna
The Rock 2 is our most compact cabin with a footprint of 1.21 x 1.18m, yet this cabin has room for 2-3 bathers and still has all the features of the Rock sauna range. Enjoy relaxing in temperatures of 70-80c while listening to your favourite music.
  • Floor space only 1.21 x 1.18m - vinyl covered floor includedFrameless glass door and adjacent full height window
  • Benches at two levels
  • Compact, plug-in 3kW heater with full width rock tray
  • Stereo Radio/CD
  • Colour light therapy
  • Canopy lighting
  • Free three year warranty
  • Delivery mainland UK - free of charge

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Rock 4 DIY Sauna
with its 1870mm width Rock 4 is the ideal family model
Two level benching offers real flexibility – children can sit low down where it’s cooler, while enthusiasts can stretch out at high level in the heat. Glazed panels in the fascia give an open, airy feel. Plug-in for convenience or take the free upgrade to 4.5kw heater *.
  • Floor space of 1.87 x 1.35m – vinyl covered floor included
  • Compact family model with seating for up to four
  • All glazed fascia with neat centre door
  • Illuminated canopy
  • 3kW plug in convenience or no-cost upgrade to 4.5kW * for higher temperatures
  • Mood lighting and stereo included
  • Free three year warranty
  • Delivery mainland UK - free of charge

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* 4.5kW heater must be wired to a fuse board by qualified electrician