Kensington High Street

Both the Aroma steam and the Herb Sauna have a full glass frontage with central wide access doors. Finishes throughout are in keeping with the opulence and expectations for this high end development.

Herb sauna room: The Herb Sauna is finished with a blend of heat treated Aspen timber laid horizontally. A central stone feature wall is installed behind a 15kw Laava sauna heater with 60 kilo of sauna stone. The large capacity of stone helps create the infusion effect of water and aromatic herbs into the room. The overall design is completed by perimeter ceiling lights in combination with warm effect underbench lighting.

Feature shower: Between the two rooms is a feature shower with three programs for a warm, tropical shower with passion fruit fragrance, a cooling mist with icy mint and a side massage effect.

Aroma steam room: The Aroma steam features the TyloHelo Wellness system for fresh air, aroma and steam which billows into the room from the central steam diffuser. The finish is a small mosaic with epoxy grouting with gentle colour change lighting to highlight.
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