Bank of England Leisure Club

TyloHelo installed a steam room and sauna to extend the wet leisure facilities at the Roehampton Club. The project was to provide two attractive, contemporary styled thermal rooms in the existing space.

TyloHelo provided a clean, simple design in both sauna and steam rooms providing good capacity yet with a spacious feel. Delivered on time and on budget.

Steam room: The spacious steam room has a central steam column which safely provides fresh air with steam and fragrance into the room. The slight negative pressure retains steam within the room for maximum bather enjoyment. The TyloHelo Wellness system delivers the billowing steam to the low seating areas where most beneficial. The room is tiled in contemporary styled large format tiles with decorative light niches on three walls. Under bench lighting completes the ambiance.

Sauna: The long, narrow space available is maximised by locating a behind bench heater at the rear with decorative ceramic wall. Panelling is horizontal. Under bench LED lighting completes the effect.
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