Become a Steam Expert


Steam bathing is a luxury that dates back thousands of years, first enjoyed by the ancient Greeks, then the Romans, who built “Sudatoria” in public baths across their expansive empire.

The Turkish still enjoy steam in the same way in their public “Hamman” baths, as do the Russians with their “Banja”. In the UK, many people will have enjoyed steam bathing at their health club or spa as part of their fitness/health regime.

Filling a shower with steam increases both the humidity and the temperature. Humidity is the key to heat sensation – the higher the humidity, the hotter you will feel at the same temperature. This is why a steam shower will feel hot at 40ºC, whilst a dry sauna needs to be 70-80ºC to feel as hot.

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Posted: 22.06.2016
Tags:  steam room