Covid-19 Arrangements
TyloHelo Ltd will still be running an online and telephone service during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst many of our authorised retailers are now closed for the foreseeable future, we will endeavour to help with any Sauna and Steam enquiries directly. Please do contact us via phone; 01342 300 555 or email; during usual office hours.

Helo Steam Rooms & Sauna Cabins

TyloHelo is the world's leading sauna cabin & steam room/shower supplier. Thousands of hotels and leisure clubs rely on TyloHelo for their leisure facilities, and now with our wide range of domestic home sauna cabins & steam room products you can relax with TyloHelo at home.


Helo Steam Generators

The new Helo T-series steam generator is packed with features to ensure the best possible steam environment. The T-series generator features the latest design T100 control.

Helo Sauna Cabins

Helo's comprehensive range of sauna cabins embraces all the styles and environments you could wish for. From easy to assemble DIY cabins that clip together and plug-in, through to designer and bespoke rooms.



TyloHelo Home Sauna & Steam Experience

Today TyloHelo offers a variety of products to make a domestic leisure facility a simple reality. The genuine TyloHelo home sauna and steam experience comes in many sizes, shapes and styles - each a singular expression of quality, expertise and design.


Helo Steam Rooms

Now it is easy to enjoy the luxury of steam at home by adding steam to a small shower enclosure, by creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam room where friends and family can relax and socialise.

Helo Bespoke Solutions

In recent years the market for sauna and steam at home has evolved and Helo has evolved with it. Many of our clients now come to us with a specific design or technical requirement that is not available off-the-shelf. Our home solutions team is here to help realise your vision.

Call us to find out how we can help you enjoy home sauna or steam: a small steam generator in the loft delivering steam to your existing shower enclosure; a compact DIY-install home sauna cabin in the spare room; a family log cabin sauna in the garden; or if you want something really special, you can now take advantage of our bespoke design & build service. We're here to help, so why not call us on free phone 0800-0234590.



Helo Commercial Solutions

Thousands of commercial sauna & steam room operators around the world rely on Helo products and services. If you've used a steam room or sauna cabin in a hotel, fitness club or spa, in the UK or abroad, there is a good chance the equipment you enjoyed was originally manufactured in one of our factories in Sweden, Finland, Germany or the US. In the UK commercial steam and sauna market, Helo has an unrivalled reputation for quality, design flair, reliability, quality of service and value for money. We view our client relationship as a long-term commitment, whether you are a single site operator or a multi-national chain, Helo stand by the success of your health suite facilities.

TyloHelo Shop


Steam Shop

Our steam room generators are packed with features to ensure the best possible steam environment. Visit the shop for steam spares & accessories.

Sauna Shop

Including traditional Finnish sauna cabins, infrered sauna and the ultimate Finnish sauna in the garden, from a compact Barrel to a spacious Kelo sauna.

More in Sauna Cabins


Traditional Finnish

With a long tradition of sauna building and thorough understanding of sauna culture, Helo offers Vienna - the most complete sauna package.

Outdoor Sauna Cabins

Not so long ago, all saunas were enjoyed outdoors - close to the house, and perhaps close to a lake. Today you can experience all the joys of that tradition with a Helo outdoor sauna tailored to your exact needs.

Commercial Sauna

The team at Helo Commercial Solutions has been put together to help you create the most rewarding sauna experience for your clients and customers. Nothing we do comes out of a box.