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The New Helo T-Series Steam Generator

The latest technology in steam from Helo
The new Helo T-series steam generator is packed with features to ensure the best possible steam environment. The T-series generator features the latest design T100 control which is to Helo what the iPhone was to Apple. The control has a proximity sensor built in to the screen, so when it senses movement, it wakes up. Set the runtime, temperature and myriad other functions using the touch-screen and let the control and the generator work together using Helo’s unique soft steam function to create the perfect bathing experience.
Helo has sold over 20,000 steam generators in the UK and many hundreds of thousands Worldwide. Many of the first generators we sold 25 years ago are still going strong! Our latest model is compact and efficient, and creates a better steam environment than ever. The generator works on full power until the shower / steam room reaches the desired bathing temperature, then it reduces the power - this saves energy, but also maintains a steady flow of fresh steam to keep the room as steamy as possible.
If you want to wake up to steam, or come home to steam, simply program the control to start the generator 15 minutes before you want to bathe. Add a few drops of essential oil to the specially designed steam outlet oil reservoir and enjoy the relaxing aroma of lavender or summer roses, or the invigorating scents of eucalyptus or menthol. To complete the experience, why not add colour-light therapy or stereo speakers all available on our steam accessories section.

Helo's new steam control, the T100, features the very latest in touch-screen and proximity sensing technology. To wake the control up, simply pass your hand in front of the screen. All functions are controlled via the touch-screen, so no buttons, dials or switches!
Soft Steam Function
Soft steam is Helo’s ultimate steam bathing experience. The control works with the steam generator to maintain a perfect level of steam and temperature in the room, while using the least amount of energy. The result is a soft and comfortable environment – we believe the best steam room available.

Comfort-Flo Steam Outlet
This innovative design features a safe plastic interior with attractive chrome-plated exterior. The clever steam channel is designed to distribute the steam in a wide arc to give the best possible spread of steam.
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